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Dr. Erb is pleased to welcome Dr. Bobbie Jo Casey to our Optometry Team. We thank our loyal patients whose support allowed us to expand our facility and bring these two remarkable doctors to our clinic. Whether managing eye disease or fitting you with eyeglasses and contact lenses you will enjoy a kind personal touch. Same day, evening and weekend appointments are now readily available. Providing excellent care in a respectful manner, Optical Studio serves all your family’s eye care needs.

Optical Studio is excited to be celebrating out 25th year in business providing excellent eye care and eyewear this year! In honor of this milestone we have 25 tips to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp.

  1. Have a comprehensive eye exam annually
  2. Blink more often
  3. Eat a healthy diet high in dark leafy greens and bright colored vegetables
  4. Have your eyes dilated regularly
  5. Drink more water, especially infused with lemon
  6. Wear protective eyewear
  7. Give your eyes a rest when using digital devices
  8. Clean and care for your contact lenses properly
  9. Wear polarized sunglasses with UV protection year round
  10. Avoid rubbing your eyes
  11. Throw away old makeup
  12. Supplement your vision and heart with Omega 3s and macular vitamins
  13. Know your family history
  14. Protect your eyes with blue light filtering eyewear on digital devices
  15. Eat dark chocolate
  16. Wash your face and eyelids daily
  17. Check your blood pressure regularly
  18. Use natural and diffuse lighting when possible
  19. Get plenty of sleep
  20. Update your glasses prescription regularly
  21. Quit smoking, or don’t start
  22. Exercise regularly
  23. Drink alcohol in moderation
  24. Avoid purchasing contacts or glasses from online retailers
  25. Visit Optical Studio for your comprehensive eye exam today!


Thinking Independently - Since '69!

As a local independent practice ourselves, Optical Studio loves to partner with other local businesses to bring our patients the best of what Massachusetts has to offer. That is why we are now happy to include Todd Rogers USA eyewear in our new optical showroom.

This line launched in 2009 and is designed by an optician and made to be worn. The brand was created by Todd Rogers himself was working as a young apprentice optician hand cutting lenses if his basement after work, experimenting with all shapes and sizes of eyewear. Todd is originally from Somerville MA where he aspired to become not only an optician, but an eyewear designer. He believes that the right eyewear has the ability to transform the face and a person. Todd Rogers’s eyewear has built their flagship location in Andover Mass which is where all of the magic happens.

The classic frame line that you will find at Optical Studio consists of shapes that look good and feel good and quality materials that stand up to life’s daily use. The frames feature classic tones and wearable jewels with subtle design twists. Simply put they are real glasses for real people.

Since their conception until now their mission remains - to design and manufacture eyewear using the very best materials, combining Todd’s optical knowledge of what makes good glasses fit great, and his outrageous attention to detail.

Check out these frames and then come in and try some for yourself!

Men's Todd Rogers Sunglasses in black with yellow temples

Red Unisex Todd Rogers Eyeglasses Frame

Round Todd Rogers Eyeglasses Frame in purple with yellow tips


This month we introduce Michelle Molineaux, our newest licensed optician to join the Optical Studio team!

Michelle is originally from Eastern Massachusetts being born and raised in Boston. She traveled to western mass to earn a degree in hospitality and tourism management from UMASS Amherst. It was while earning this degree that she fell in love with this area. After having her twins, Anthony and Devon, her career quickly changed from wedding coordinator to the optical world.

Michelle first began working for an ophthalmologist and quickly learned all about eye health and vision as a technician. From there she transitioned to a new job as an office manager for an optical business. Michelle fell in love with the world of fitting and dispensing glasses and decided to and begin her apprentice program to become a licensed optician. After working in the downtown Boston she decided to move her family back to the familiar area of western mass that she previously fell in love with.

That is how Michelle became a team member at Optical Studio and we are so happy she decided to join us! Bringing years of experience to our office she is always a friendly and smiling face that brightens the day.

Come and visit Michelle and you will be sure to find her wearing a frame that perfectly matches her outfit.

Licensed Optician at Optical Studio Michelle Molineux wearing Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses


Optical Studio is very excited to welcome a new product line into our practice, We Love Eyes. This product line includes an all-natural, irritant-free deep cleaning oils and a foaming cleanser.

We Love Eyes products are based around tea tree oil, which is a natural way to fight bacteria, including demodex mites, and eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals. Dr. Tanya Gill, an optometrist, began with the We Love Eyes Makeup Removing Oil which only has 3 ingredients: jojoba seed oil, grape seed oil, and tea tree leaf oil. This combination of oils is strong enough to break down waterproof mascara, reduce inflammation, and kill bacteria, but gentle enough to hydrate the delicate skin around the eye.

Dr. Gill then expanded her product line to include a multi-purpose foaming cleanser that can be used in combination with her Makeup Remover Oil. The Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser is designed to soothe dry eyes by washing away dirt, allergens and makeup residue. This cleanser can be used on its own or in combination with the Makeup Remover Oil. The Kit, as it is called, is the ultimate way to pamper your tired, delicate eyes.

Stop in to try this great new product today!


Since our completed renovation we were very excited to now have the space to bring in a new frame line to our extensive eyewear collection! We are now introducing Etnia Barcelona, a line of colorful frames for people of all ages seeking to express their creative, original side.

The brand’s spirit reflects a world which embraces all cultures, all races and all colors in existence and reflects the variety of people and personalities from all over the globe. They embody more than ever a brand identity based on eyewear designed created using distinctive colors that invoke the unique personality of an accessory conceived to express a way of being and a way of life.  

Not only does their frame line revolve around color, but they are a high quality product. They use the finest materials and the best partners to ensure superlative quality in every one of its designs. The result is an exhaustive control of the process from beginning, starting with the materials, to end, with the finished product. They believe in the process of transforming raw materials into works of art.

The brand’s history goes back three generations. The founder worked in his parent’s factor when he was just 17. As he gained more experience, he figured that the dull eyewear trend needed to change. He therefore revolutionized the frames, injecting them with an array of colors, and we now know and love as Etnia Barcelona.

Optical Studio is happy to feature a frame line that a great design and style and is a high quality product but also has a great mission with their Etnia Barcelona Foundation. It was created to improve the lives of those who do not have vision care access by providing eyeglasses and eye care, because everyone has the right to see the world correctly.

Take a look at some of their frames in beautiful and bold colors!


Etnia Barcelona Eyeglasses Frame Style San Diego in Teal

Etnia Barcelona Round Eyeglasses Frame Style Como in red and white marble

Etnia Barcelona Eyeglasses Frame Style Tucan in multicolor

Etnia Barcelona Eyeglasses Frame Style Monza with double bridge


We’re so excited that our office expansion is complete! We’ve added approximately 2,000 square feet of additional space. With all this space we are excited to offer our patients six brand new exam rooms, two diagnostic testing rooms, and contact lens training area in our clinic. We were also now able to expand our product selection for our patients and have incorporated three more frame lines into our optical and introduced a new lid cleansing line!

This addition allows us to continue to provide excellent care to all of our patients in a more comfortable setting. We want to thank all of our patients for their continued support and allowing us to grow in our community!

Coming soon are pictures of the new space, check back to take a look! 

Supporting Northampton Pride and all families in the community!

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, we continued our tradition of celebrating Northampton Pride as a Friend of Pride sponsor. Our staff with family and friends marched in the parade showing their spirit in rainbow feather boas! We brought back the infamous eyeballs and even handed out our brand new transparent “snapchat” business cards. We can’t wait to be a part of this celebration next year.

Here are some great photos of our team at the event!

northampton pride optical studio groupNorthampton Pride Optical Studio Eyeballs with BannerNorthampton Pride Marching with BannerDr. Maribeth A. Erb Marching behind banner with Optical Studio in the Northampton Pride Parade


For those of you who have stopped by Optical Studio in the past few months, we have three words for you: Pardon our dust! We are on the brink of completing major renovations both in and outside the building.


Optical Studio will continue with business as usual for the next few months as we prepare for our brand new office. Once our newly added space has been built and furnished, we will be temporarily moving all services into the addition this week. This will allow our current office space to be renovated to match our brand new area. When the renovation is completed in the Spring, Optical Studio will almost double in size! This will create a bright and open optical and clinic; allowing us to care for our patients more comfortably.


During the current phase of renovations our equipment and staff will be moved into our temporary home in the expanded clinic area, where all services will still be offered. We will still have limited on site parking in the back of our lot along the wooden fence. Our fenced in construction zone will be surrounding the front part of our building that faces Pleasant Street, which will temporarily relocate our main entrance to the rear part of the building. There will be plenty of signs to help you navigate your visit!


Please follow us on social media, @optical.studio on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. We are on track to complete our renovation in Spring 2017 and look forward to seeing all of our patients in the new space!

After a lot of hard work with EyeMotion, our website company, we’re pleased to be launching our brand-new website.  Our goal has been to create a site that would assist you in learning about us, whether it’s finding our location or email form, reading about our wonderful eye doctors, or discovering some of our quality products and services.

Have questions about an eye issue?  We think you might also benefit from our great optometric content on eye diseases and conditions.

Our plan is to use this area to keep you informed on new offerings, sales, trunk shows, events, and so much more.  Check back here from time to time to keep updated.

We’re glad you found us, and we hope to see you soon!

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