Optical Studio is excited to be celebrating out 25th year in business providing excellent eye care and eyewear this year! In honor of this milestone we have 25 tips to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp.

  1. Have a comprehensive eye exam annually
  2. Blink more often
  3. Eat a healthy diet high in dark leafy greens and bright colored vegetables
  4. Have your eyes dilated regularly
  5. Drink more water, especially infused with lemon
  6. Wear protective eyewear
  7. Give your eyes a rest when using digital devices
  8. Clean and care for your contact lenses properly
  9. Wear polarized sunglasses with UV protection year round
  10. Avoid rubbing your eyes
  11. Throw away old makeup
  12. Supplement your vision and heart with Omega 3s and macular vitamins
  13. Know your family history
  14. Protect your eyes with blue light filtering eyewear on digital devices
  15. Eat dark chocolate
  16. Wash your face and eyelids daily
  17. Check your blood pressure regularly
  18. Use natural and diffuse lighting when possible
  19. Get plenty of sleep
  20. Update your glasses prescription regularly
  21. Quit smoking, or don’t start
  22. Exercise regularly
  23. Drink alcohol in moderation
  24. Avoid purchasing contacts or glasses from online retailers
  25. Visit Optical Studio for your comprehensive eye exam today!


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